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J G Coaches Ltd, Buttons Farm, Meres Lane, Cross in Hand, Heathfield, East Sussex. TN21 0TY

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Specialists in School Transport & Executive Coach Hire

We are a small private limited company and wish to remain so.

To quote an old cliché “we are only as strong as our weakest link”

Our team is very stable and many have worked for the company for the past 8 to 10 years.

We do not advertise for new business, we are solely reliant on repeat business and recommendations by current customer for new opportunities. The whole team are aware of this drives us on to offer excellent service.

Owner / Managing Director

Jesse Gorwyn

Committed to reinvesting in modern coaches, IT systems and mechanical facilities to support the teams commitment to continual improvement.

Embraces change and challenges.


Adrian, Andy, Howard, Ken, Mark, Mick, Paul, Richard, Robbie, Scott, Stan, Steve

(listed in alphabetical order)

We receive many emails and calls of thanks from our customers (see references) and they normally quote that they have been very pleased with the helpfulness and efficiency of our driving team.


Tim, Tina

We have invested in the latest technology and pride ourselves to be able to respond quickly and efficiently to all customer enquiries.


Paul, Robbie

We undertake a lot of preemptive service inspection work in our own facilities and this means our vehicles are roadworthy 99.9%. With over 5,500 journey’s undertaken last year with there were only 9 occasion where road side assistance was required and none of these resulted in any major customer delays.


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